Direct Marketing Advertising – What Are the Advantages?

Each day, business owners are learning new ways to market their small businesses. But there is no doubt that direct marketing advertising is still one of the most popular of strategies. It has helped lots of entrepreneurs to increase their sales and be known in the market.

Before, direct mail marketing is done by sending out letters and postcards to their prospects. Today, many entrepreneurs use online direct mail advertising to reach out to a wider range of market over the internet. The following are the advantages of using direct mail advertising.

Reach out to your target market. Since marketing mails are sent directly to a specific group of people, a business owner can customize the message and the approach depending on the targeted recipients. This is why direct marketing has been proven to be very efficient in encouraging people to take positive action. Furthermore, marketing mails are sent exclusively to genuine leads so that the potential to get results is much greater compared to other forms of advertising.

Get your message across more easily. Before creating their marketing copy, merchants are advised to spend time studying their market. It is a good idea to send a different batch of marketing mails to every niche. Based on the demographics shown in your mailing list, what do you think is the best approach for your intended recipients?

Track the result of your direct marketing campaign better. It is easier to track the results of your campaign through direct mail marketing. If you sent marketing emails, for example, you can simply include a discount code in your message and instruct the customer to enter the code on their checkout if they wish to buy from your online shop. Monitoring the codes you received can allow you to gauge the result of your marketing campaign faster and better.

Direct marketing campaign can be done in a small scale. For entrepreneurs who must work on a limited budget, a small scale direct marketing campaign can be executed without difficulty. For example, you can send marketing emails to a small group of people and wait for the results before launching a bigger campaign or committing a larger budget.

Gain brand name recognition. Direct mail marketing is all about repetition. You need to send your marketing mails to same recipients at least three times or more at the right intervals. Hence, if you include your brand name and logo with all your marketing mails, people will become familiar with your company and remember you more easily.

Build rapport with your customers. By regularly sending direct marketing mails, a business can easily build rapport with prospective customers. It is also an effective way to strengthen your relationship with your old clients. It is easier to build trust and encourage loyalty among existing customers when you communicate with them on a more personal level.

More cost-efficient than other marketing methods. When compared to other marketing methods, a business owner can save a great deal with direct mail advertising. Again, this form of marketing is concentrated to a limited group or niche so there’s no need to use a huge percentage of your marketing budget.

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Online Internet Marketing Advertising Business

If you own an online business, it’s important that you find profitable methods to advertise and market it online. Online internet marketing advertising businesses are sometimes expensive and require a capital to invest depending on the form of advertising you are doing. However, because most Webmasters don’t have thousands of dollars to invest into online internet marketing advertising business, I’m only going to discuss here free ways to get website traffic.

To start, let’s discuss the ways of doing online internet marketing advertising business. First of all, I want you to realize that your website should focus on a well specified niche that hopefully has demand. Don’t build a product and do online internet marketing advertising business; find a niche and build a product that supplies the demand. If there are already thousands of people looking for “Buy Car”, then you know this niche is profitable since you can easily provide the solution by selling a car guide or even by selling cars. It’s truly hard to force a product down someone’s throat – but it’s much easier to know what people are already looking for and simply offer it to them, and then continue on with your online internet marketing advertising business.

So you understand now – look for what people want, and then simply sell it to them. It all sounds great, but how to you research demand? Simply use the Overture keyword tool which gives you estimates of how many times each search term was searched on Yahoo!. This way, you can enter ‘belts’ for example and find that 15 000 people are searching for black belts. This would be a profitable niche, but before going onto your online internet marketing advertising business, let’s look at competition.

If you go on Google and search for black belts, you will find that over 1,500,000 websites exist on the topic. Now, this might seem like a lot, however you should now download the Google toolbar and look at each top 10’s pages Page Rank. This will tell you how important the websites are, and if you find many websites with a PR over than 5, I suggest you let the niche go. However, if the websites don’t treat black belts but red belts and have a PR of 5, you should go into the niche since your website will be treating black belts and will rank higher because the information on your site is more pertinent. Usually you should be able to analyze how hard is the competition with the number of websites displayed and with how many websites in the first 3 pages of results have a PR of over 5.

You don’t want to make your online internet marketing advertising business fail – it’ll be much more easier to dominate and profit from a niche if your product has high demand and low competition. Now that you have a niche, create a product around it. This is where your expertise might need to come in and it also means that if you have knowledge in the niche you’ll be ahead of the game. I suggest creating informational guides, such as “How to take care of your black belts” or something of the sort. Then you can write a ten-page ebook and sell it for $20 or whatever you think is reasonable. Now that your website is up, you’re ready for your online internet marketing advertising business.

Now, I’m going to be frank with you. If you performed your search of high demand / low competition properly, than marketing your website will be a joke. However the internet is not a new place anymore and more and more people are building e-businesses. The reality is that almost any niche requires work to market in. Once you build a clean, nice website and your product in your selected niche, you should primarily focus on online internet marketing advertising business.

The best way to dominate your niche, and I’m not going to lie to you, is by being ranked #1 for the term “black belts” in Google. Each time those 15 000 searches are performed monthly, your website will be seen because you’ll be ranked #1. You’ll dominate your niche, and anyone who has ever been interested in black belts will have came across your website. There are two main reasons why search engine traffic is the best:

– It’s totally free

– It’s targeted since searches are searching for “black belts” already.

The result: A lot of profit. Not only are your online internet marketing advertising business costs kept close to nothing, but you’ll be getting some of the best traffic around. If you already own a website and if you’re not practicing SEO (Search Engine Marketing), than you should start right away. If you don’t, you’ll be losing out on thousands of customers monthly.

Without a doubt, the best way to perform your online internet marketing business by getting the #1 positions on the major search engines is by using SEO Elite. This is what I suggest to all my clients and it’s truly the best way to dominate any niche.

Affiliate Marketing Advertising in 7 Simple Steps

Now that you have signed up as an Affiliate Marketer, what is the best way to do some advertising so that you can start making some money?You really need to learn how to do affiliate marketing advertising to be successful, here are a few tips I would like to share with you that I have found helpful.

Let’s get to the real reason that you become an affiliate, you wanted to make your own schedule and be your own boss, you wanted to be able to have access to a great product and just promote it. You didn’t want to have to go and build your own website, get hosting, provide content or spend time building your own funnel. While becoming an affiliate marketer is not really that hard and most of the work is done for you; there is one crucial component that you need to consider, how are you going to advertise the product? You need to be able to provide great marketing and a reason for someone to come to your site and click on the information and want to obtain the information or sign up to become an affiliate as well for you to get paid.

Lucky for you most of the most powerful affiliate marketing advertising that you can do is FREE.

Here is what I consider the 7 simple steps in affiliate marketing advertising:

Submit Articles – there are thousands of different sites that you can submit articles to for FREE, ones that allow you to educate readers on the benefits of this specific affiliate and how it can benefit them. Make sure that your article is one that is providing value, an honest article explain the pro’s and con’s of the product or service that you are providing as an affiliate.

Be Transparent and Honest – in today’s digital age, people are very keen on what is happening online, and are very hesitant in any new product or service that they have not come across before. You need to be very transparent upfront meaning that if you will obtain a commission from them obtaining the product or signing up also as an affiliate; divulge this information. Like I covered in step number one, be honest about any con’s of the product, if there are bugs, let them know up front, remember your reputation is on the line.

Find a way to be unique – Many times that you get into affiliate marketing you find that all the sites are the same, all the offers are the same, all the prices are the same….So how can you be unique in a sea of other marketers that are doing the exact same thing? Very good question. Offer something extra, a free eBook, a free one on one consultation; you need to be different or you will just be more noise that you just blend in with everyone else.

Use Free Classified ads for your Affiliate Marketing – there are thousands of FREE classified ad sites that allow you to promote your affiliate products on. Many ad sites will allow you anywhere from three to fifty ads at a time. Use these free avenues to get your affiliate product out online and in front of people’s eyes.

Don’t forget the power of social media – Social Media is a very powerful marketing angle right now; there are billions of people on them every day, some spending 8-10 hours a day just playing and chatting with other people. Now the key here has changed a bit, the old way was to make a bunch of friends and just promote your affiliate product to them. That is the old way and a way to lose friends and even a few family members that used to chat with you online. The new way is one that educates people on the benefits by writing an article (step one) and then adding it to your wall as an educational promotion. This is really getting people to be drawn to you as an expert and a leader in that niche. Making yourself and the different products or services that you provide and know a great deal about will be very beneficial and allow you to stand out as a great source of information on the topic.

Testimonials are powerful – When you are able to sell the product or service that you have become an affiliate marketer for a great way to help promote the product or service even more are testimonials. If the individual is willing and able to write or provide a video on how the product or service has benefited them, this is huge benefit to you and your advertising.

Don’t promote everything -If you have the ability to find an affiliate marketing opportunity that allows you to be different than many of the others out there, jump at this opportunity. A word of caution though; don’t just go out and sign up with 5 new affiliate marketers and not do much homework, you don’t want to become a scam statistic. Educate yourself on the product or service, the person that made the product or that is providing the service and how long have they been involved in that specific niche. This not only protects you but also allows you to become more educated on the affiliate so that you can educate more people; therefore being the “expert”.

Just remember a few last minute things: You have become an affiliate marketer because you wanted to produce an additional income stream, feel like you wanted something else to help keep you busy or you have decided to take control of your life and leave the 9-5 rat race. No matter what the reason, I would like to say congratulations on starting a new and exciting lucrative affiliate marketing business model that does take work and like any other business; a strong and strategically placed advertising will propel your affiliate marketing well ahead of your competitors.