Network Marketing Advertising Ideas – If You’re Not Doing These 3 Things You’re Not Doing What Works

Are you looking for network marketing advertising ideas that work, and will produce results for your business?

Of course you are, because you’re committed to success with your home business right?

Well there are some things that you should be doing, and if you’re not doing them then you’re missing out on the stuff that works. Let’s go over what you should be doing.

3 Network Marketing Advertising Ideas You Cannot Ignore…

So there are some advertising ideas for a growing a network marketing business that you simply cannot ignore because they work over and over again.

I can’t go over every one of them here because a) that wouldn’t be right to do to my organization and b) there’s simply not enough room.

But I will give up 3 of those techniques that seem to work all the time, and I use them over and over.

First…Article Marketing (the right way)…

I understand that you’ve probably heard a lot about article marketing, but are you doing it correctly? By correctly I mean are you getting the most out of each and every article, and are you getting you articles ranked. This is one of the most important of the network marketing advertising ideas.

It’s important that when you do article marketing you’re using the right keywords that you can almostcertainly get ranked very highly in the search engines.

Also you want to be sure that you’re changing those articles and submitting them to the major article directories.


So many people don’t realize that the word network in network marketing isn’t there just as a silly buzzword. This business is all about networking, and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is than you think.

I of course realize that people are always looking for new network marketing advertising ideas because they don’t want to talk to people they know. That’s fine, because the truth is that if you’ll just keep your eyes and ears open, especially in these times there are tons of people that you’ll come into contact with every single day who are great prospects for what you have to offer, and they’ll actually genuinely appreciate YOU for your opportunity.

Approaching them correctly is the key to this…

Third…Helping Your Downline

Too many network marketers forget that one of the easiest ways to increase their business is to utilize what the beauty of this business is…which is leverage.

Helping your downline increase their business automatically increases yours of course. And the greatest part about it is that when you do things to help your downline all at once, then you’re multiplying your efforts by however many people you have in your downline.

So if you have 6 people under you, and you teach them all a new skill that gets them each one new downline member, then you’ve just doubled your downline. See how that works. Just always stress to your downline to teach their downline what you teach them, and pretty soon duplication comes into effect and the beauty of network marketing is right at your fingertips.

So there you go, three network marketing advertising ideas that if you apply today will almost definitely begin to produce results for you.

Effective Network Marketing Advertising Revealed

While what we have said so far is true, we can still break this down into online or offline. Let’s look at online today.

A few things to look at would be: 1. Exactly who your target market is. 2. Getting their attention with what will catch their interest, keep them listening, or reading and help them to realize their problem. 3. Then have an attached answer to that problem, such as the pain killer to their pain that you have identified.

This all sounds rather simple, but one of the main reasons so many people drop out of this business is the lack of effective Network Marketing advertising. They sincerely work hard, get nowhere and finally get discouraged and quit. With the right self development,education and know how in this field they might have started making some progress and stayed in the business long enough to begin realizing some income.

So remember who your target market is, where they are looking and what their need is. Then the great product that you have will seem a little more interesting to them. Something they can get excited about. That means you must get excited first in order to reach them.

Take notice of the term “Prime Time advertising.” Just when is the prime time for your target? During the day when everyone else is in school or at work; who is watching T.V.? Retired people and senior citizens. So what is prime time to advertise hovarounds and reverse mortgages? They show some lame person with grey hair, suggesting the need. Then here comes that one with the great big smile riding their hovaround. Then there is this couple at their kitchen table looking at all their bills that are so hard to pay with their lower fixed income and sweating over the stress of it all. Then here comes George and Sally who have extra cash and no house payment for the rest of their life. John and Mary Sue quickly pick up the phone and call XYZ Mortgage company to start their reverse mortgage. This is not a slam on anyone. Just take a look at the psychology of the time and place of the advertising. Network Marketing advertising is no different.

When you go online, don’t just throw something out there  and hope that someone will buy from you, just because there are a lot of people out there. Create some interest that has a little emotion in it. Now think, should you go into PPC advertising, email marketing, Social Media marketing or all of the above? That is a mixture of some free and some paid advertising. It’s all up to you. How is your budget going to be until you are bringing in more income? 

Keep in mind; We are trying to advertise our Network Marketing company here. So we want to describe the need of some more time and financial freedom. A better retirement income. Nobody likes the idea of retiring with less income. But everyone does not get real prepared for it. You have a great remedy for that. It is a matter of getting your remedy in front of the right people; Your target market.

They can keep the security of their job if they want to and do this, even part time. Building a nice retirement income that can possibly retire them even younger and with a passive residual income.

This is online for your Network Marketing advertising. There is a lot to say for offline Network Marketing advertising also. But that can take up another whole article, which we will publish at another time.

One last thought for you.  Offer something free. Always over deliver or even free. In this business you should offer something of value and create relationships before you ever mention your MLM company. Be interested in them and what they are doing in life. Example: I have just written an Ebook about the basics of growing your MLM business that I’m going to offer for free to my Email subscribers both new and existing. You can call that over delivering. But the bigger companies do that. So why not you and I doing it. I watch them to see what they do, and so should you. have a great day.

Network Marketing Advertising – Quick Crash Course in What Must Be Done to Bring in Massive Traffic

Network marketing advertising is very much essential when it comes to getting quality leads available for your multi-level marketing campaign, or otherwise termed as MLM campaign. Just simply selling the products would not do. You have to be active in the selling process to extend your market. Enlighten your potential buyers about the different benefits and opportunities they can avail of once you have fully offered them your business. Your plot for getting more prospects for your business will work if and only if you make your potential customers have a viewpoint regarding the various advantages they can possibly get.

A good recruiting plan starts the day right.

Now, before you start establishing your very own network advertising campaign, you have to be sure that your recruiting plan is at hand and ready and that it also matches your way of working. It is also an advantage if your recruiting plan does not jeopardize any of the leads you have prepared.

Multi-level marketing scams have been rampant these past few years, and they have wounded the business world in more ways than one. The hopes and the dreams of those who have faith have been wasted, and their bank accounts licked to the last drop. So to achieve the maximal trust of your customers, you have to make sure that your network marketing advertising powers are functional and tell the truth regarding the deals that you have to offer.

Having a clear compensation plan.

Your compensation plan must be clear to them, so you have to make sure that they have fully understood the concepts. The words you use must be literal and not carry deeper meanings that suggest research. Thus, your customers must be able to understand our ultimate purpose, which is to help them be successful in their own tidings. You should also stress that they have to be personally involved with what they do for them to achieve continuous success.

Word of mouth.

Actually, the best method for a successful network marketing advertising is for word-of-mouth. Start a stirring story about your business so that people, whose curiosity has been piqued, will ask questions regarding the opportunities that await them. To spread the word, talk with your co-workers, friends and other acquaintances about the success you have achieved with your network marketing advertising, and they might get the idea and commit to their own version of network marketing advertising.

The more true stories and buzzes that you generate, the more leads you will probably have.

Another method that is deemed to be highly effective is through print ads. Many network marketing advertisers can vouch that the best place to start is with multi-level marketing trade journals. There are big time business magazines, such as Business Connection, that can help you in increasing your market size. These magazines work to put your business into print and have thousands and thousands of interested buyers view it at their own comfort zones.

There are different kinds of printing you can make use of. First is the usual well-written advertisement. However, this kind of printing can generate traffic since there are far too many ads printed on common pages. So to avoid this, most publications would provide you with opportunities for press releases that can expand your number of potential buyers.

You can also have your ads printed on your local newspaper, since your local people might be interested knowing that they are in the same city as you. You can also try your network marketing advertising on classified ads since this would cost lesser than the others, but still be able to offer your potential customers more than the return on your investment.

If you want to learn more about Network Marketing Advertising make sure to follow the link below.